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Barcodes For Retail Product Data Management

GS1 SA / 600 Prefix Barcodes Registration For Retail Trade

As GS1 SA, accredited independent Data Controllers, we help our clients to register and secure new barcode numbers for their products. We also offer barcode knowledge consulting / workshop sessions to SMME businesses that requires general and or specific information about retail barcode application and management in SA. These sessions often help participants to ensure that their merchandise items are barcode ready and compliant for accessing and unlocking new retail market opportunities worldwide.

Non-GS1 SA Prefix Barcodes Registration For Retail Trade

We also register and supply general purpose Non-GS1 SA barcode numbers. These barcode numbers are generated through using UPC-A/EAN standard system.

GS1 Barcodes Product Data Listing Services

We help our clients that do not have the in-house resource capacity and or expertise to manage their product barcodes data listing process on the retailers product data listing system (GS1 / GDSN Datanet).

Barcodes Numbers Allocation & Management Reports

We generate and supply 14 digit GTIN barcodes numbers list from 1 up to 9 outer packaging (delivery) levels, e.g. from the shrink level 14 digit barcode up to a pallet level 14 digit barcode numbers.