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One stop suppliers of barcodes / RFID driven services and related solutions in various business sectors.


WISE Barcodes and Data Control Services, is an IT services sector barcodes consulting business that specializes in offering tailor packaged barcodes / RFID driven hardware (i.e. scanners, printers & POS) software solutions and related services to commercial, non commercial business entities and governments in Africa.

Our barcodes driven services and related supplies package offerings can be summarised as follows:

  1. Retail Barcodes Product Data Listing – i.e. GS1 Barcodes & Non–GS1 Barcodes

  2. Fixed Assets Verification And Tracking – FAVAT Services

  3. Warehouse Inventory Count And Tracking – WICAT Services

  4. Retail Restaurant & Hospitality POS (Point Of Sales) Solutions – RRAHO POS Services

  5. Events Passengers And Guest Check–in Check–out Tracking Solutions – CICO Services

  6. Barcodes Labels & Tags Printing For Retail, Fixed Assets & Inventory Management

  7. Supply Of Printing Hardware Solutions, Consumables & Stationery

For further enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us, our professional consultants will gladly help you to obtain your best solutions and services at competitive and cost effective rates.